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fmoo's Sprite Packing Tools are a collection of drag and drop tools (and a command line version) for scripting common sprite packing operations.  These focus mainly on RPGMaker but can be used generically as well.

What's Inside

Inside the .zip file are the following drag and drop tools:

  1. charsheet-split  - drag and drop rpgmaker character sprite sheets onto this, and they will be converted into (up to) 8 individual "cell" spritesheets each, one for every character in the sheet.
  2. charsheet-join - drag and drop up to 8 individual character "cell" spritesheets, and it will output a rpgmaker-style  combined spritesheet (e.g., with 4 columns and 2 rows)
  3. charcell-shatter - drag and drop a character "cell" spritesheet (of 12 icons) onto this and it will split them into 16 files for easier importing into apps (such as gamemaker) that want one file per frame.   The 12 walking frames output come out as e.g., "FILE-walk_left_[1-3].png".  The 4 idle frames come out as e.g,, "FILE-idle_left.png".
  4. charcell2strip - drag and drop a character "cell" spritesheet and it will reprocess it into a 1x16 row  with the Right, Up, Left, and Down walking animations split out explicitly (with an extra idle frame added to make looping easier).
  5. aseprite2pngs - drag and drop .aseprite files onto this, and it will create separate png files for each layer and frame, of the format FILE-layer_name-[0..n].png.

These 5 files are all .cmd file wrappers that call into the (also included) shared command line tool, "spritepackutil.exe", which can be used directly by power users.

Let Me Know

Always happy to receive ideas for new tools or functionality: please comment here or message on Twitter or Discord (fmoo#8677),  and share screenshots / screencasts of your workflows or idea as necessary.

If these tools have been useful for you, please consider donating or commenting.

All source code is available on github if you'd like to contribute.

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Nice tool, thanks! the is any 'Guide' available for new programmer (like few pictures / 1 minute video)? if not is ok, just wondering.

That's a great idea!  I don't have a video available right now, but happy to chat through Discord (if you add me, I'm fmoo#8677) to discuss and walk you through it, and maybe I can turn our conversation into some docs for the github page.

By default, the tools are all drag-and-drop so you don't need to be a programmer to use them, unless you're trying to do something new/special.

Yes I know is drag and drop haha, I guess I just like to see pictures, not a big deal, however I never say no for conversation either, when I have the time I will seat and organize my though about ideas for making your great tool even better, then I pm you. Again this tool are very unique and have great function. Thanks