New Tool for Unpacking Autotiles for GameMaker Studio

Just wanted to share a quick update.  I've added a new tool,  unpack-minitile-a2-gms16.exe 

This tool takes an RPGMaker-style autotile image, similar to unpack-minitile-a2.exe, except:

  • Instead of unpacking into a layout that is tiled-friendly, it exports to a layout that is friendlier to GameMaker Studio 2:
    • Each autotile cell is unpacked into a row of 16 tiles
    • The columns are laid out in the same order as you are required to click to generate the 16-cell autotile template:
    • A blank row is inserted at the beginning, as GM does not allow you to use the first cell in the tilesheet
    • The last column is left blank as the RM autotile cell does not include the microtiles to generate a "filled outer tile".
      • In general, if you are importing a larger tilesheet, this "filled outer tile" will actually be present elsewhere in the tilesheet as the  "filled inner tile" (first column) in a different row.

Let me know if you have any trouble, or if there's some other format to unpack to that would make your life easier.

And as always, feel free to donate if this works for you and saves you some time!

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Apr 25, 2020

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